Diploma Frame

Diploma Frame

Nov 17th 2017

At default, we all crave for noteworthiness and some of the many ways we do this is by displaying our awards, diplomas, degrees certs on a wall. Truly, when you think about how much time, energy, and resources went into that piece of paper, you’ll definitely consider framing it.

You worked tirelessly to get it, so what do you have to show for it? You own a document that represents hundreds of thousands of dollars, years of sacrifices, countless all-nighters and study sessions, and memories that will last a lifetime. Shouldn’t your diploma be showcased to its fullest potential? Yea it should. And, Framing, Preserving, showcasing, and celebrating the worth of that piece of paper in a professional diploma frame for sure, will do the magic.


When you have to choose a frame for that your priceless diploma, I’d bet you’ll end up being like a kid in a candy store. Like other frames, Diploma Frames come in different designs. Document and Diploma Frames are available in an 8" × 10" option, or the standard size of a diploma or document sizes they are with glass, backing material, and hanging hardware, these ready or custom-made frames are ready to hang once after the diploma or document has been placed inside. Some of the good ones are;

  • Cherry Diploma Frames
  • Black Diploma Frames
  • Walnut Diploma Frames
  • Mahogany with Black Edges Diploma Frames
  • Mahogany with Gold Lip Diploma Frames

Materials Used

Matting – The material used for matting is Acid Free. This is the material most museums, galleries, and collectors use for invaluable works of art.

Protective glass – The glass used for the frames offer UV Protection and crystal clear clarity. Our regular glass offers 50% UV Protection. Upgrade to our Conservation Glass for 99% ultra violet filtering (UV). This is Museum Quality Glass and is the best material in the market.

Wood – We have a wide and expanding selection of wood moulding colors. They range from Black to Mahogany. These colors are also available in different widths to meet all price points.

Foam Core – For every diploma frame, we provide sturdy foam core backing to prevent your diploma from warping. This is an essential part to a beautiful custom frame. We also upgrade your foam core to Acid Free when you upgrade to our Conservation Glass.

Why Frame your Diploma?

For Preservation - Diploma frame is very important for students and their families in order to preserve this important document for future. It helps keep your diploma and important documents for years to come and also ensures that future generations are able to look at that diploma and see what their predecessor accomplished.

The Diploma’s Valuable - College diploma is one of the most expensive and invaluable credentials you’ll ever earn. And it’s never wrong to put this “personal marketing tool” to work in your home or office. Your academic achievement deserves a place of honor in a handcrafted university degree frame that’s specially designed for you.

You’ve got to Show-it-off - You worked tirelessly to get that piece. Like I said, you own a document that commands hundreds of thousands of dollars, years of sacrifices, countless all-night study sessions, and memories that will last a forever. Shouldn’t it be showcased to its fullest potential?