Baseball Bat Display Case

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Protection from the Elements

Proudly display and protect your prized autographed bat with a top-tier baseball bat display case. The case is fabricated from ultraviolet-protected glass to keep your bat from fading with time. We also use a non-acidic adhesive to avoid signature fading. Molding made from real wood supports the case, thus providing the durability you expect from the case holding one of your fondest keepsakes. 

Make Your Display Case Personal

Your baseball bat case will come with two acrylic bat holders, which you can easily arrange to display your bat in the direction of your choosing. In addition, we use cutting-edge technology for laser engraving to develop a permanent engraving on your baseball bat display case. For instance, you can easily add a date, a team name, or a player name. 

We also provide multiple options for hardwood moldings ranging from cherry to walnut, black, cherry sport, and black sport. You can also choose a mirrored look for the bottom of your case or make the bottom section one of several popular suede colors, including gray or black. Pair our custom baseball bat display case with the perfect matching baseball display case, a sports frame that will hold a photo of your favorite baseball team, or a batting helmet display case.


  • Our display case is made from glass that offers a crystal-clear view of your baseball bat.
  • All cases are handmade in the United States of America.
  • The cases look great in a wide variety of spaces, from man caves to entertainment spaces.
  • Soft felt tabs are included underneath your display case to protect the surface beneath it. 
  • Dimensions: 36" wide x 5" deep x 4" tall