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How to Frame and Display a Jersey

How to Frame and Display a Jersey

Remember that baseball jersey you got signed years ago—the one that made you feel on top of the world when you received it? There’s no reason to bury it in your other memorabilia or put holes in it by nailing it to a wall. Instead, you can easily display it on the wall in your man cave, your entertainment room, or even your living room for your loved ones and friends to fawn over every time they drop by.

The trick, though, is figuring out how to frame a jersey in the right way. When it’s done the right way with the right framings for sports jerseys, you’ll have a framed jersey that’s worthy of hanging in any leading sport’s hall of fame.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about how to frame a jersey in a few easy steps.

How to Frame a Jersey

 A full-size jersey in a display frame

If you’re wondering how to frame a jersey, a top-quality jersey frame can easily hold a jersey that is full size. The backing of the frame should be removable and should be made of a material that is pinnable. In addition, the backing should feature a matboard cover. 

To frame your sports jersey, start by removing the backing from your frame. Then make any necessary folds so the jersey fits. This can vary depending on the jersey and frame sizes but can range from folding just the sleeves to folding the jersey in half.

Securing the Jersey

After you’ve folded the jersey you wish to display, center it on the backing. Then pin the jersey to your frame’s backing using pins provided. The pins will keep your jersey stationary so that it looks secure and professional for years to come.

Once you’ve confirmed that your jersey is secured to your backing and you’ve arranged it as desired, you’re ready to put the jersey inside the frame. At this point, you should carefully slide the jersey into place. Take your time so that you don’t move your jersey during this step. Also, make sure that your jersey doesn’t come into contact with the frame’s glass, as moisture can build up there over time and could cause your jersey to develop mold.

Finally, secure the backing of your frame, and you’re good to go—you can now hang your jersey.

Removing Wrinkles

Before you place your jersey in your frame, it’s a good idea to remove the wrinkles. You may choose to steam-press your jersey to give it a wrinkle-free look. In addition, you could also try using double-sided tape for the fabric, which you can use on any part of your jersey to remove wrinkles.

How to Frame a Football, Hockey, or Soccer Jersey

A football player on a field

If you’re interested in framing a football jersey, be sure to place it in the frame with its back showing. Also, allow the sleeves to hang loose. This will give it a crisp look that will allow you to always honor your favorite player or team from the gridiron.

For a hockey jersey, you should also frame it with its back showing. In addition, fold the jersey’s long sleeves along your frame’s sides. This will make it so you can pay homage to the power play your favorite hockey team has become known for.

If you are trying to hang a soccer jersey, you should also frame it with its back showing. Also, fold the sleeves forward for a classic look that will score points for you with all of your jersey’s onlookers.

How to Frame a Baseball or Basketball Jersey

Man swinging a bat and wearing a baseball jersey

When it comes to framing a baseball jersey, you should do this with the front of the jersey showing in the frame. Also, fold the sleeves over your jersey’s top area to capture the jersey’s iconic pinstripes or championship patches.

For a basketball jersey, be sure that it is flat against the backing and that the back is showing. This will allow you to showcase the name and number of the person you’re trying to honor with the jersey.

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Sep 7th 2021

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