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*The image is not shown in perfect proportion to your size. It only shows orientation: Landscape, Portrait or Square.


  • Moulding Color and Profile of your choice
  • Your choice of No Matting, Single Matting or Double Matboard
  • All Frames come with a Sturdy Foam Core backing and plenty of framing points to prevent warping
  • High quality glass front with crystal clear clarity.  Our Regular Glass offers 50% UV Protection. You can now upgrade to include 99% UV Protection. 
  • Preinstalled Hangers
  • Rubber bumper backing to prevent wall damage
  • Approximate Outside Dimensions:
    • 8 x 10 Frame with Matting - 14" x 16"
    • 11 x 14 Frame with Matting - 17" x 20"
    • 14 x 17 Frame with Matting - 20" x 23"
    • 20 x 24 Frame with Matting - 28" x 32"


Carefully remove protective plastic wrap.  Place bubble wrap on flat surface and set the frame face down on the bubble wrap sheets.  Use a flat head screw driver to pry back all the black points.  Remove the Foam Core and Double Matting.  With the foam board on a flat surface, place your photo or artwork on top.  The matboard will then go over your piece.  Square everything up and carefully tape the photo or artwork to the foam board.  Take the matboard and foam board together and place it back into the frame.  Bend all of the points back to its original position and your custom frame is ready to hang.  
One of the best reasons to choose glass over acrylic is how easy it is to clean.  Simply use any Glass Cleaner preferably with a lintless cloth.  Spray on the cloth first, then apply to the glass.  You can use the same cloth to wipe down your custom frame.  



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