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Helmet Cases

Football Helmet Display Cases

Our football helmet display cases are made to protect your full-size helmet from the elements. Whether it’s dust or harmful UV rays, a full-size football helmet display case from Perfect Cases and Frames will protect your helmet. All of our helmet display cases are made with crystal clear, high-quality glass with options for regular or conservation glass, and accented with real hardwood molding.

Display Cases for Full-Size Helmets

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Mini Helmet Cases

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Wall Mounted Cases

We offer the only full-size football helmet display case that is made of real glass and can be mounted on a wall. This helmet case is designed with the glass case protruding out from the frame. The lid hinges open to gain access inside.

Tabletop Football Helmet Display Cases

We have two types of tabletop helmet display cases. The octagon helmet case is an eight-sided display case. The rectangle football helmet display case is a beautiful glass display case that gives a full, unobstructed view of your football helmet.


"Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Exceeded expectations and engraving was perfect. The communication was top notch as well. Would highly recommend."

Shari Watson

May 17, 2018

"High quality workmanship; displays a football better than any other case I have seen or owned; arrives clean and ready for use which is important given the materials used; perfect for displaying front, back and bottom of a football; you will not be disappointed."

John Gilleland 

Aug 3, 2018

"Very impressed with the quality of this display case. Excellent workmanship and customer service. Obviously more expensive than plastic cases available on league websites but the quality of this case is leaps and bounds beyond other cases I have purchased. "

Maria Peters 

Dec 23, 2018

Full Size and Mini Helmet Cases

Mini football helmets are just as collectible as full-size helmets! Protect your helmet no matter its size and proudly display it in your man cave and around your home. Our mini helmet cases are made with the same premium materials as our full-size football helmet display cases.

Perfect Cases for Prized Memorabilia

Make sure your collectibles continue to look their best for years to come with a protective display case. Perfect Cases and Frames makes every case to order, and each one is crafted with care. Shop now and get free shipping on all orders!

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