Wall Mounted Hole-In-One Golf Display Case

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Remember That Special Golfing Achievement with a Golf Display Case

The day you got your first hole-in-one is a day you’ll always cherish, and at Perfect Cases and Frames, we’re excited to celebrate that moment with you for decades to come with our hole-in-one display. This top-notch display case made of glass offers room for both your famed hole-in-one ball and your scorecard from that unforgettable day. The hole-in-one ball and scorecard display will constantly remind you of one of your life’s greatest moments while also giving family and friends the chance to share in your joy. 

Why Start Shopping at Perfect Cases and Frames?

At Perfect Cases and Frames, our sport display cases are unique because they’re made of glass, not acrylic. Many of our cases can easily be customized with various levels of ultraviolet protection, molding colors, engraving, and other unparalleled features. Our cases are also available in both tabletop and wall-mount options depending on your space limitations and decor vision. Shop now!


  • Our wall-mountable hole-in-one display is a gorgeous double-matted case featuring both green and black suede. The case is also accented with beautiful black or cherry molding in ¾”, 1.5”, or 2” options; the molding is furniture grade for long-lasting beauty.
  • The case’s unique design features a handy hinged top that allows you to easily access the inside.
  • Our USA-made cases are made with ultraviolet-protected glass that is double strength. This will keep your ball and scorecard protected from the elements so that you can pass them down to the next generation.
  • Each of our cases features a mirror to augment the look of your hole-in-one ball, along with a holder made from acrylic to support the ball.
  • Package dimensions: 23” wide x 19” deep x 11” tall