About Our Display Cases

Options and Upgrades


tt-wood.jpg   sport-moulding.jpg
Regular Moulding

1" Tall

Cherry - Black - Walnut
  Sport Moulding

1.5" Tall

Cherry - Black


- Standard Glass

Our regular display cases offer an industry standard 50% UV protection.

- Museum Quality, 99% UV Protection

  Upgrade to the highest protection possible.
Our upgraded Conservation glass offers the
same protection that Museums require to
protect their collectibles.
Our Museum Quality glass blocks 99%
of the harmful UV rays. It is designed
to protect high end collecitbles
and memorabilia.

Suede Bottom

Upgrade the bottom of any table top display case with soft suede. Adding any these colors will add an extra POP to your collectible. These suede bottoms can match most team colors. We recommend only neutral colors for Cherry moulding.



sport-moulding-engraving-plate.jpg    engplate.jpg
Engraving for Sport Moulding
will go on the engraving plate.
  Engraving for all other cases
will go on the inside part of the glass.