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How to Display Your Comic Book Collection

How to Display Your Comic Book Collection

Whether you think of your comic book collection as a serious investment, a celebration of your childhood, or some combination of the two, storing and displaying your comics properly is key to keeping them in top form. Just a few months ago, a record was set when a collector dropped $3.25 million on a mint condition Action Comics #1—proving that keeping your comics pristine can definitely pay off in the long run. To help you enjoy your comic collection to the utmost degree and ensure you’re giving it the care it deserves, we’ve put together a few key tips on how to display comic books. Read on to learn the best way to display your comic books.

Keep Them Covered

For Captain America fans, the importance of a shield should come as no surprise. As a vital factor in how to display comic books safely, a covering or sheath is a must when you want to guard your collectibles against dust and other materials in the air. One way to protect comic books is with a combination of plastic slipcovers and rectangular cardboard backing. If you’re an avid collector, you’ve probably seen this method at your most recent comic convention. While this is an acceptable way to store comics in bulk, it’s not ideal for more valuable pieces and isn’t the best way to display comic books visually. However, if you have a subscription box and are picking up multiple issues a month, protective plastic sleeves will do the trick.

Opt for Glass

When it comes to how to display comic books in a way that offers both a high level of protection and a striking aesthetic, glass is an excellent choice. Glass protects your favorite issues not just against air particles and environmental factors but also from light, which can cause images to fade over time. Consider opting for a single comic book frame or quad comic book frame made with industry-standard glass (which offers about 50% UV protection), or better yet, choose a comic book frame with museum-quality conservation glass (which provides about 99% protection from UV rays). The latter is an especially good choice for highly sought-after or exceptionally valuable pieces or if sun exposure is an inescapable issue in your space.

Consider the Environment

The best way to display comic books may start with the perfect comic book frame, but it’s also important to consider various environmental factors. Even with high-quality glass, it may be wise to place your most treasured comics out of direct sunlight. For certain climates, how to display comic books safely may also entail choosing a space less prone to humidity, or investing in a dehumidifier. And of course, for households with pets, displaying your comic books high enough to minimize the risk of scratching or scuffing is a must. 

Quick tip: The general rule of thumb for hanging and framing photos or artwork is to place the center of the piece about 60” from the floor. While not a hard-and-fast rule, this can be a useful standard for hanging your comic book frames as well.

Don’t Forget the Details

A closeup of a comic book frame with mat board detail

How to display comic books with care means keeping an eye out for premium materials. Even a simple comic book frame should be crafted using real wood and protective glass with finishing touches you can trust to endure the test of time. The best way to display comic books also requires good-quality preinstalled hangers, along with adjustable backing that will ensure a snug fit for both thinner and thicker comic books. Be wary of adhesives that aren’t acid-free, as this can deteriorate the ink from autographed or graded issues. Once you’ve ensured that these safety-oriented elements are in place, you can choose the perfect personal touches, like striking mat colors and different shades of wood molding.

Choose Perfect Cases and Frames

At Perfect Cases and Frames, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between high-quality performance and incredible aesthetics. We’re proud to offer exceptional framing and display solutions for every comic book in your collection. Now that you know how to display comic books, explore our full selection of figurine display cases, or get in touch with our team for guidance on finding the perfect display case or frame.

Sep 13th 2021

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