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How to Shop Jersey Display Cases

How to Shop Jersey Display Cases

No single piece of sport collectables can better define passion and team dedication than the jersey. A jersey's color connects the fan to their team. It also connects the team to its fan base. Jerseys don't do any good when hid away in a closet. Because, there they go concealed and unappreciated. Jerseys should be preserved and displayed proudly. Also, a coat hanger isn't the best way preserve a jersey's value hence a display case or frame is the best option. Using jersey cases is a complicated process. They require properly folding, safely affixing the jersey to a secure surface, custom-made mat-board and framing in a solid wood frame that has protective ultra violet glass.

Do you own a jersey you are proud to display? or are you planning to shop for the best jersey display case for yourself?... Truth be told, choosing the correct case might be worrisome as they come in unlimited designs and styles. Therefore, we have simplified your options 2 these essential frames:

#1 Half Fold Jersey Display Case with Black Moulding - JERSHLFDisplay your full size jersey without taking up too much space on your wall. This display case comes with a removable backing that is made of a pinnable material. Also includes double sided fabric tape.

#2 Full Size Jersey Display Case with Black Moulding - JERSLRG
This jersey frame is perfect for displaying all full size jerseys. It also comes with a removable backing that is made of a pinnable material. And includes double sided fabric tape.

Before you shop for one, I’ll advice you;

Invest in a case that treats light correctly: light can either have a positive affect or a negative effect on your autographed jersey. When you have to select a display case, the first thing to keep in mind would be to identify a case that will both allow enough light for you to enjoy the artifact but to also protect the collectible from the harmful ultra violet rays that can cause the signature on the jersey to fade.

Buy a display case with proper air circulation: An autographed sports jersey is a unique item larger than other sport materials. Because of this, the jersey will need room in the case to "breathe". The jersey can become damaged when it is pressed up against the case. Here, a case that allows for at least a half inch from the glass to the display itself will be suitable.

Keep climate in mind: Even with a good display case, storing your jersey in a place with a lot of moisture is a bad idea. It is better to store it in a ventilated living room than in a garage.

Nov 17th 2017

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