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The Best Gifts for Football Fans

The Best Gifts for Football Fans

As soon as summer is over and Labor Day has passed, it’s like someone flipped a switch and we go from the summer season to football season! But fans don’t stop being fans just because the playing season is over. Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, and just because — no matter the occasion, it’s always the right time to give sport-themed gifts for football fans. Below are our top picks in football-themed gifts. 

Autographed Memorabilia

A football, helmet, or jersey are great gifts for football fans on their own accord, but when it’s signed by your recipient’s favorite player or a member of their favorite team, that’s the icing on the cake! They might already be a collector of sports memorabilia, or maybe your gift will get them started on a wholesome life-long hobby. Make a signed football or autographed helmet even better by encasing it in a beautiful display case. A display case with UV protection will help your gift last for years to come — hopefully while it appreciates in value!  

Official NFL Football

A football sitting on a football field

If you’re looking for functional gifts for football fans, then give them an official NFL football to toss around with friends and family. If your recipient is a father, a football is a great gift to help him get the kids interested in the sport and pass down the love of football through the generations.

Team Drink Coasters and Baller Glasses

For many fans, watching the game is the perfect time to grab a chilled baller glass and fill it with their favorite cold beer. And with all that icy beverage goodness, they’ll need a coaster to catch the condensation or protect their hands from holding something super cold for a long time. A gift set of football-themed drink coasters and baller glasses are a functional and fun way for them to support their favorite teams. Team glasses and coasters are also a perfect choice when hosting a game day party. 

Team Party Serving Trays

Another great item to go along with a game day party theme is team party serving trays. You can find simple cutting boards with team logos, to more extravagant serving trays like a helmet that holds chips and dips. When they can deck out their party with their favorite team-themed items, it makes it even easier to get a rouse out of their friends who are rooting for the opposite team!

Mini Football Helmets

A mini football helmet in a display case

Mini football helmets are made to be scale replicas of real helmets. They have interior padding and functioning chin straps just like the real thing, and sports enthusiasts love them. They’re also a great item to use for collecting autographs because they’re easy to carry around with you and easy to display at home. Riddell is one of the original companies to produce mini helmets, and they’re a must-have for any collector! 

Team Apparel

When your recipient has fallen in love with one team in particular, team apparel makes for foolproof gifts for football fans everywhere. Think shirts, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, baby onesies, kid-sized apparel, and even jerseys for the pets! There’s no limit to the type of apparel you can buy with team colors and official logos.  

A Quality Cooler

When you’re looking for gifts for football fans, not everything has to be themed to their favorite team or football in general. A high-quality cooler is the perfect functional gift that they can use every time they’re tailgating at a live game. If you really want to impress, spring for a Yeti cooler. It’s something they’ll likely not buy for themselves because of the price tag, but they’ll get years of satisfied use out of it. You could also throw in some drink koozies to keep their tailgating beers cold in their hands.

Tickets to a Game

Now that so many of us are getting vaccinated for COVID, live football games that fans can attend are back in the cards! And after being unable to go to a game for so long, tickets to the next game nearby make the perfect gifts for football fans.

Football-themed gifts for football fans are a no-brainer! Even if it’s something they already have, getting it with their favorite team logo on it makes it so much more special. If they’ve already got a collection of fan wear, go the extra mile and give them autographed gifts that they can proudly display for all to see. Shop Perfect Cases and Frames for high-quality display cases that will elevate your gift to a show stopper!    

Aug 5th 2021

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