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Display Your Signed Mini Football Helmet in an Unforgettable Way

Are you a loyal football fan looking to show off a treasured autographed mini football helmet? Our mini helmet display case at Perfect Cases and Frames is just what the sports doctor ordered! Our all-glass case features a mirror at the back and along the bottom to provide your friends and your family with a full, captivating view of the mini helmet.

Why Order a Display Case from Perfect Cases and Frames?

At Perfect Cases and Frames, a passionate family-run business, we take pride in offering truly unique display cases. Our cases are made of high-quality glass instead of acrylic. In addition, you can easily customize any case with molding colors, multiple levels of ultraviolet protection, and engraving. In addition, all of our cases are made to order and are made in-house in America. So, you can expect a high-quality product every time you order from us. Guaranteed.

Experience the beauty and quality of our mini helmet display case by ordering yours today! And feel free to pair your case with one of our popular football display cases to turn your home or business into an even better true-football-fan zone.


  • Our tabletop display cases are ultraviolet protected and supported by gorgeous molding made of real wood. You can choose from glass that offers 50% protection from ultraviolet rays or museum-quality glass offering 99% ultraviolet protection.
  • Each mini helmet case features no acid-containing adhesives, so no need to worry about your helmet’s signature deteriorating.
  • Bottom surfaces come with felt tabs designed to protect your furnishings.
  • We source only high-quality glass, paying special attention to protection and clarity.
  • Dimensions: 8 ¾” wide x 7 ¾” tall