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Why Use Glass Football Display Cases

Why Use Glass Football Display Cases


For many reasons, football is iconic and thus should be treated specially and carefully and using a Football display case is the sure way to do that. Football Display Cases, whether wall mounted or desktop types are designed to display autographed footballs and other collectible balls. With its modern design, the case wonderfully displays a standard size football with a cut-out to hold the football in place.


Display cases for footballs come in all sorts of designs. Made with high quality UV Protected Glass to make it transparent and at the same time, to protect it from dust and ultra violet rays. Our football cases are accented perfectly with real, picture frame quality wood moulding. Get them with or without Mirror in the back. Upgrade options include:

  • Custom Engraving
  • Sport Moulding – 1.5” Tall
  • Museum Quality, Conservation Glass
  • Suede Color Bottom


Best for Autographed balls: Sure, the best place to keep autographed, including official hand signed balls, is a football case. Football display case tends to make the balls they house a centerpiece.Not only will they give you good memories, but they’ll make you feel closer to the game’s Greats

Perfect for Gifts Balls: Footballs are best presented as gifts when they are housed in a fanciful Case.When you have to get afootball for your husband, wife, your kid or that talented friend so that he'd have something to display and give him maximum impact in the game, using a Football Case will be PERFECT!

Saves The Ball: The truth is that, a signed football is fairly expensive to buy, not to mention hard to get sometimes, therefore you need to take good care of it. Obviously, leaving a signed football out in the open can destroy the look and the value of the ball overtime. A Display case helps to protect the ball form weather inclinations. And, help you do so in a style that fits your personality, needs and space. 

Nov 17th 2017

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