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Cap Cases

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Protect your autographed baseball caps in hat display cases made from the best quality materials, offering museum-grade protection for your prized memorabilia. We handcraft each case as per your specifications, right here in the US. Experience complete satisfaction and a permanent home for your prized sports memorabilia when you shop Perfect Cases and Frames today.

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A Range of Styles

Decide how you want your baseball cap display case to look so that it works perfectly with your home’s interior. Go for a standard upright hat display case or a wall-mounted option. Both offer superior UV protection so your prized possessions stay safe.

Made to Order

You can customize your hat display case in a number of ways, including real wood molding in cherry, walnut, and more. Each case is designed with top hinges to allow you easy access inside.

For the glass top, you can choose to use standard glass for 50% UV protection or upgrade to conservation glass for 99% UV protection. Both afford crystal clear visibility. For an upright hat display case, you can alter the bottom panel by including a mirror or quality suede fabric.

Perfect Cases and Frames

We’re a family-run business and the choice suppliers for customers all across the country.

Check out our full range of sports display cases, including for baseball, bats, softballs, and more!

Why Our Cases Are the Best:

  • Highest quality glass—never acrylic
  • Superior clarity and UV protection
  • Acid-free adhesives
  • Real wood moldings
  • Soft felt tabs under the case to protect your furniture
  • Pre-installed hangers

Want to personalize your baseball display case even further? No problem! Leave us any special instructions you have and we’ll make it a reality.

Customer Photos and Reviews

"The BEST display cases. I won’t use any other company. Great the best glass and get it engraved. This will protect your piece and help others know what/who it is."

Dr. Lawrence Weber 

Sep 2, 2018

"Beautifully framed wall mounted cap display case. Just what I needed."

Lauren Chechile

May 19, 2018

"Ordered for a 2004 Masters Tournament Cap signed by a National Treasure....Arnold Palmer . The case compliments the cap without being the focal point....note: have purchased several display cases this being the first one using glass....however construction is excellent & seams are almost invisible...I am pleased with the piece !"

John Hutchinson

February 5, 2017

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