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Impress Golf Lovers with Your Own Golf Ball Display Case

Present a hole-in-one or autographed golf ball with our golf ball holder display. This display case features a sturdy acrylic ball holder inside, and the glass around the ball can be removed as needed. In addition, our display case includes a mirror both at the bottom and on the back to enhance the look of your ball. We designed the tabletop case to be ultraviolet protected, thus preserving the integrity of your beloved golf ball. There are also no acid-containing adhesives used on our cases in order to prevent any signatures on your golf ball from deteriorating.

Make Your Golf Ball Display Your Own Through Customization

We use hardwood molding to support our one-of-a-kind golf ball holder display. Our wood molding is available in multiple hues, including walnut, black, cherry, and a sport version of cherry or black. In addition, rather than including a mirror at the bottom of the case, you may choose to include a suede bottom instead, and you can make it one of nine colors. These hues range from maroon to red and navy blue, among others. Feel free to pair our single golf ball display case with other display cases for golfers, like our cabinet case that holds 49 balls, or our iconic sports frames.


  • For each display case, you can choose between regular display case glass (50% indoor and outdoor ultraviolet protection) and museum-grade glass (99% protection against irreversible ultraviolet damage).
  • For our golf ball holder display, we source only the top-of-the-line glass, focusing heavily on delivering a high level of clarity.
  • All of our display cases at Perfect Cases and Frames are made here in the United States.
  • The bottoms of our display cases feature felt tabs that are soft to the touch to keep your furnishings from being damaged.
  • Dimensions: Our golf ball display case stands about 4-5” tall.