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You want to show the world how much you love baseball—and especially those treasured mementos from your favorite baseball team. We make it easy with our mini baseball bat holder at Perfect Cases and Frames. This tabletop mini bat display case is designed to showcase your miniature baseball bat collectible in a way that viewers will never forget. The case is fabricated from real ultraviolet-protected glass; this means it will safeguard your baseball against sunlight damage while still allowing more than 89% light transmission for a brilliant appearance.

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  • All of our cases are supported by authentic wood molding in multiple color options, including walnut, cherry, and black.
  • Each miniature baseball bat display case features two clear bat holders made from sturdy acrylic. You can easily arrange these holders to hold the bat in your chosen direction.
  • A mirror can be placed on the bottom of your case to enhance your baseball bat’s look. Alternatively, you can choose suede as your bottom material. Our suede options are numerous, including green, red, tan, maroon, and others.
  • Every case comes with felt tabs at the bottom to keep your furniture from being damaged.
  • Dimensions: 20” wide x 3.5” deep x 3.5” tall