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Personalized Wedding Card Boxes

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What is a Wedding Card Box?

A wedding card box is a beautiful accent for a wedding. It is essential for every wedding reception to have a wedding card box to hold the cards of their guests. We have many different sizes of wedding card boxes to choose from that will match any size wedding. Our card boxes range in holding anywhere from 40 cards to well over 200 cards.

Our wedding card boxes will provide an elegant beauty to your reception table. Our card boxes have an eye catching design and, as it has in many cases, can be one of the most talked about products at the reception. Aside from the beautiful look of the glass and mirror, what makes our wedding card box so unique is its personalization feature.
Each card box is personalized to include the couples names and other relevant wedding information. Our designers engrave the wedding information on the front of the card box. We engrave in large letters so that all the guests can easily read the couples information. Our customers can choose from the many different design layouts for any of our wedding card boxes.
Every other card box in this industry can really only be used once. The design of our wedding card box allows the bride and groom to use it after the wedding as a case to display their treasured keepsakes. The double use of our card boxes is another feature that makes our product stand out above our competitors. It is also another reason that our customers are glad they bought from The Perfect Wedding Box and have become part of one of the fastest growing items in the wedding industry.

"This card box is absolutely beautiful!! It is unique and I love that about it!!! The best thing is it can display wedding items after!!! We can't wait to use it!!!"


Livonia, MI

"Thank you very much. Service was excellent and very fast. The box is a beautiful addition to my wedding day"

Tennille Isaac



"This was such a beautiful and delicate touch to the wedding I attended. Thank you so much. "

cynthia holston