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Photo Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Photo Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Your grandparents taught you how to make your first apple crisp, how to enjoy nature, and even how to mind your manners. So many of your favorite lifetime moments have your grandparents in them, and they’ll always be in your mind’s eye even if they were never captured on film. Fortunately, some of these priceless moments have been captured on camera, so why not surprise your grandparents with unique photos of these moments?

Whether you’re celebrating your grandparents or you want to give your parents something special now that you have children of your own, there couldn’t be a better time to treat them to a nostalgic photo featuring a twist that will make them fall in love with it even more. And the good news is, it’s not complicated to get winning photo gift ideas for grandparents.

Here’s a rundown on the top photo gifts for grandparents to consider giving to your granny, papaw—or whatever other endearing name you call them—this year.

Choosing the Top Photo Gifts for Grandparents

There’s just something priceless about viewing print photos. Digital pictures usually aren’t revisited, but the print pictures that your grandparents hang in their living room will be admired for all time. Plus, your grandparents grew up at a time when digital photos didn’t exist, so they likely prefer their print counterparts anyway. That’s why photo prints make for one of the best photo gifts for grandparents.

Fortunately, producing stellar prints is easy to do with a printing and custom framing service. You can simply upload the photo you would like to use on the service’s website. Then, the company will print your picture on the mat of your choosing. 

Canvas Prints

One of the top photo gift ideas for grandparents is to take your grandparents’ favorite photos to the next level by turning them into gorgeous canvas paper prints. These prints are a unique way to keep their favorite memories alive while also serving as excellent conversation pieces with friends and family. Your grandparents will especially love canvas gifts if the rest of their decor is more rustic, as canvas is inherently subdued in nature.

a trio of canvas prints

A couple of different canvas print options are available for those searching for the best photo gifts for grandparents: framed canvas and wrapped prints. 

With a framed canvas, you can accent your photo with an alluring wood frame that will elevate its look. In addition, your grandmother and grandfather will be able to touch the photo and feel its distinctive texturing. 

Meanwhile, a wrapped canvas print is a traditional canvas print wrapped around sturdy wood frames. It’s perfect if you prefer the clean look of canvas without a frame, which is versatile enough to work with any home decor. Like the framed canvas, the wrapped canvas features no glass, which means your grandparents won’t have to deal with any glare problems.

Glass Prints

Impress your grandparents with a glass photo print featuring one of their favorite memories. Glass has a way of giving any photo the wow factor it’s missing, making it a stunning and treasured focal point of any room. In addition to having your chosen print preserved on clear glass, you can add a frame to the glass print to give the photo some extra pizzazz and a touch of sophistication. 

One of the main benefits of glass prints is that they feature a level of vibrancy that doesn’t come with a traditional print. That’s because glass enables the complete transfer of color. The glass’s glossy finish also makes the photo pop—just one more reason why glass prints are among the best photo gifts for grandparents. 

Capitalize on the Best Photo Gifts for Grandparents This Fall

Taking a picture at family dinner with a phone

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Nov 5th 2021

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