Octagon Football Display Case

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Why You Need a Glass Case for Your Football 

The football you got autographed years ago remains one of your favorite mementos to this day, so why leave it buried in a box somewhere in your attic or garage. It’s time to unveil it to the world so that others can appreciate it, too, and at Perfect Cases and Frames, we make this easy to do with our glass case for a football. This engravable octagon football holder display case will easily protect your football while also enhancing its appearance thanks to the crystal-clear quality of the case’s glass.

Experience Durability and Beauty at Perfect Cases and Frames

At Perfect Cases and Frames, we are excited to offer high-level UV football holder display cases that are made in the United States of America, made to order, and made in-house—a triple benefit. As a family-run business that has been in the glass industry for decades, we take pride in providing you with matchless products that both you and your family can enjoy for generations to come. Consider pairing your glass case for a football with one of our custom sport frames, as well!


  • Our football case is designed to conveniently rest on any tabletop surface. It comes with gentle felt tabs at the bottom to keep your furniture from being damaged.
  • The display case can easily be removed from the base as needed for easy access to the case’s interior.
  • Our case comes with five molding choices, ranging from cherry to black, as well as multiple suede hue options for your case’s bottom surface.
  • We use top-quality glass that offers 50% ultraviolet protection. However, you can upgrade your UV football holder display case by using museum-grade glass offering 99% ultraviolet protection.
  • This eight-sided display features mirrors along the back three panels, as well as on the bottom.
  • Dimensions: 13" wide x 8" deep x 8" tall