Wall-Mounted Triple Mini Helmet Display Case

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Display Your Priceless Signed Mini Football Helmets with Pride

When you think about your most prized possessions, your personally autographed mini football helmets rank high on your list. So, why not give them the treatment they deserve? Fortunately, we make this easy at Perfect Cases and Frames with our mini football helmet display case. This one-of-a-kind is uniquely created to both display and protect your signed helmets. Our glass cases are high quality and feature no acids, thus keeping your helmet signatures intact for years to come.

Experience the Strength and Beauty of Our Mini Football Helmet Display Case

Our mini football helmet display cases from Perfect Cases and Frames are not your average cases, as they are made of glass, not acrylic. This is a major benefit given that glass is more sustainable and scratch-resistant than acrylic is. Our wall-mounted case can also be customized with varying levels of ultraviolet protection, molding colors, and engraving.

In addition, if you live in the contiguous 48 states, you can take advantage of our free shipping when you order your helmet display case. Consider pairing it with one of our iconic football display cases, too!


  • Our mini helmet cases are all made in America.
  • Our cases come with real wood molding in a variety of colors, ranging from cherry to walnut and black. They also come with mirrors that further highlight your helmets’ appearance.
  • Our double-strength-glass mini helmet wall display case comes with 50% protection from ultraviolet rays. Alternatively, we can fabricate your case with museum-grade glass offering 99% protection from ultraviolet light.
  • Each case’s top hinges are designed to open in a way that gives you easy access to the interior of the case.
  • Dimensions (interior): 21" wide x 5.25" deep x 5.75" tall