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The 5 Best Holiday Gifts for Collectors

The 5 Best Holiday Gifts for Collectors

We all have that special someone in our lives who loves to collect something specific. Whether it’s comic books, sports memorabilia, or something obscure, a collection can provide the ideal impetus for gift giving. However, adding to the collection itself can be hard: what if the recipient already owns the item, or doesn’t like it? Enter the perfect solution: presents that support the collection. From collector display cases to creative experiences, here are a few of our favorite gifts for collectors to shop for this upcoming holiday season.

1. A Display Case

For obvious reasons, one of the very best gifts for collectors is a collector display case. This gift option is thoughtful, versatile, and allows the recipient to display and protect their most treasured items in a way that may not have been possible before. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind if you decide to go the display case route: 

  • Quality. When selecting a collector display case, keep an eye out for two features: high-quality wood and protective glass. While plastics and other synthetic materials are often used in fabricating display cases, wood and glass (especially museum-quality conservation glass) are your best bet for a display that not only looks beautiful but also offers genuine protection. 
  • Aesthetics. Of course, the best gifts for collectors also boast a strong visual appeal. Opt for rich wood tones or classic black, and make sure the glass has a high degree of clarity and transparency. 
  • Personalization. A lovely way to add a special touch is with a custom collector display case. Even if you buy an existing design, be sure to ask about engraving options to make your present extra special and unique to the recipient. 

Triple Funko bobble head Collector Display Case with three Funko Pops

2. A Ticket to an Event

Offering an experience is one of the best gifts for collectors. If they’re a sports fan, consider grabbing tickets to see their favorite team in action. If they’re a comic book collector, see what comic conventions might be available in your area. For antique collectors, a ticket to an antique show can be a creative (and appreciated) way to show you care. 

3. A Custom Frame

Much like collector display cases, a custom frame can be a fantastic gift for collectors. Sports frames and jersey frames are a great choice for football, baseball, and hockey fans, while classic matted frames can be an excellent option for individuals whose collections have certificates of authenticity. And of course, if you’re giving a present to a comic book collector, few gifts rival a comic book frame to showcase their favorite issues. 

4. An Organization or Design Service 

If your recipient has a collection that’s stowed in boxes or spiraling out of control, a tidying or spatial design service can be an extremely thoughtful holiday present. A professional organizer might recommend a specific configuration of collector display cases, frames, or other storage options, and can give a collector some great ideas for displaying their collection while saving time. As a note, while this can be a fantastic gift for collectors, be sure to give it with care so the recipient isn’t offended or given the impression that they’re disorganized!

5. A Gift Card

Of course, for those who just aren’t sure what to get or who are afraid of giving the wrong thing, a gift certificate is always a good go-to gift for collectors! Here are a few things we like about this option:

  • The price. Gift cards allow you to spend exactly the amount you want without going over or under budget. 
  • The ability to give your recipient exactly what they want. Collectors often have a very clear sense of what they want, and a gift card allows them to get it without the guesswork on your end. 
  • The personal touch that’s not too personal. Gift certificates are personal insofar as they acknowledge your recipient’s passion for something specific but are also great because they aren’t overly intimate. 

Now that you have a few ideas about the best gift for collectors, we invite you to explore our full selection of collector display cases, frames, custom printing services, and more at Perfect Cases and Frames! Be sure to follow our blog to get the latest ideas, inspirations, and insider tips, along with clever ideas for holiday gift-giving and beyond.  

Nov 15th 2021

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