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Valentine's Day Gifts for Sports Lovers

Valentine's Day Gifts for Sports Lovers

The holiday of love can be about more than just your feelings for your significant other — it can also be about the love of the game! To celebrate all your passions, we’ve put together this handy guide to the best Valentine’s Day photo gifts, custom display case gifts, and more. Of course, giving the perfect gift is all about making it uniquely your own, so we’ve also included some tips on personalization and custom gift giving. Read on for a few of our favorite Valentine gifts for sports fans. 

Photo Gifts

One of the best ways to mark the occasion is with Valentine’s Day photo gifts. Whether it’s an unforgettable image of you and your special someone in the stands, a classic portrait of your favorite team, or a collectible print commemorating a beloved player or important win, framed photos make excellent Valentine gifts for sports fans. Once you’ve selected your photo – or had an image custom printed – you’re ready to choose your frame. 

How to Choose the Perfect Frame

No Valentine’s Day photo gift would be complete without the ideal frame. Here are a few tips:

  • Confirm the exact size of the photo.
  • Consider what color frame might look best with the image. If you have a sense of where the photo will be hung, you might also consider choosing wood molding based on the interior aesthetics of the space. 
  • Decide whether or not you’d like to include a mat. If you choose to include a mat with your Valentine’s Day photo gift frame, select between single and double matting.
  • Choose your glass. 50% UV protection is the industry standard, but if you’re dealing with an especially rare or signed photo, you might want to upgrade to museum-quality conservation glass, which offers about 99% UV protection. 
  • To make sure you get the exact right specifications for your Valentine gift for a sports fan, you can also use a custom picture frame designer to walk you through the customization process step-by-step. 

Display Cases

Much like Valentine’s Day photo gifts, display cases can offer an incredible way to celebrate your beloved’s fandom. If your special someone has a signed game ball, a helmet, a collectible figurine, or any other type of sports memorabilia, a display case might be the perfect way to go. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of cases.

The Major Types of Display Cases

  • Table-top display cases are a favorite Valentine gift for sports fans and offer a lot of versatility in terms of size, shape, and dimensions. They’re a great choice for helmets, soccer balls, footballs, and even baseballs and baseball bats. 
  • Cabinet-style display cases are ideal for collections, such as trading cards, golf balls, hockey pucks, and more. Since these types of cases are wall-mounted, they’re also a great gift for settings in which space might be a factor. Some people choose to pair Valentine’s Day photo gifts with this type of display case to show off a photo and collectible item at once, which can create a unique and high-impact Valentine gift for a sports fan.
  • Custom cases offer the best of all worlds, and ensure that you get the exact right size, shape, and display format for your Valentine’s Day photo gift, collector’s item, or whatever else you might hope to display. Working with an experienced craftsperson is key to developing and executing the design for this category of display cases. 

Card and baseball display case from Perfect Cases and Frames

Don’t Forget to Add a Personal Touch

To make your gift truly unique and memorable, custom engraving is the perfect finishing touch to any Valentine’s Day photo gift or display case gift. Consider adding the date or setting of the item being displayed, the anniversary of a special occasion, or a unique message that’s meaningful to you and your loved one. 

At Perfect Cases and Frames, we’re excited to help you find the perfect Valentine gifts for sports fans. We invite you to explore our full collection of Valentine’s Day photo gifts, frames, display cases, custom printing options, and more. Get in touch with us for help finding the perfect gift today.

Jan 19th 2022

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