Canvas Frame Extension - Matte White | 1.5"

Shipping Info
  • Beautiful Hardwood Moulding
  • Canvas fits inside glass display case that protrudes out from the frame.  All sides of the canvas are viewable
  • Sturdy Foam Core backing
  • High quality glass front with crystal clear clarity.  Our Regular Glass offers 50% UV Protection. You can now upgrade to include 99% UV Protection. 
  • Preinstalled Hangers
  • Rubber bumper backing to prevent wall damage
  • Approximate Outside Dimensions:
    • For 8x8 - 13" x 13"
    • For 11 x 14 - 16" x 19"
    • For 16 x 16 - 21" x 21"


Pry back the black framing points and remove the foam core.  Place your canvas inside the display case and replace the foam core and points.  Carefully mount on the wall with our preinstalled hangers.  
One of the best reasons to choose glass over acrylic is how easy it is to clean.  Simply use any Glass Cleaner preferably with a lintless cloth.  Spray on the cloth first, then apply to the glass.  You can use the same cloth to wipe down your diploma frame.
cnvs-blkspt-2.jpg cnvs-blkspt-4.jpg
cnvs-chspt.jpg cnvs-chspt-2.jpg